Activity Chronology


TEPS’88 Jul 1988  
TEPS’90 Mar 1990  
TEPS’92 Dec 1992 Cyber City and Enableware
TEPS’93 Dec 1993 Enableware and the World of Computing Everywhere
TEPS’94 Dec 1994 Computing Network to support Disabled Person
TEPS’95 Dec 1995 What can Technology make Disabled Person Possible?
TEPS’96 Dec 1996 Support for Disabled Person in University Campus
TEPS’97 Dec 1997 Entertainment to be enjoyed breaking down Barrier
TEPS’99 Mar 1999 Enableware for the Age of E-commerce
TEPS2000 Dec 1999 Enableware Design for Digital Devices
TEPS2001 Dec 2000 Next Generation Mobile Phones for Barrier-free
TEPS2002 Dec 2001 Enableware for the Age of Computing Everywhere
TEPS2003 Dec 2002 Ubiquitous Computing and Enableware
TEPS2004 Dec 2003 Ubiquitous Computing and Enableware (Part2) – What can we do now ?
TEPS2005 Dec 2004 Ubiquitous Computing for Everyone
TEPS2006 Dec 2005 Universal Design in Ubiquitous Computing Society Infrastructure
TEPS2007 Dec 2006 Universal Design in Public Transportation Service
TEPS2008 Dec 2007 Universal Design in Location Information System
TEPS2009 Dec 2008 Universal Design Guidelines in Ubiquitous Information Society
TEPS2010 Dec 2009 Universal Design in Ubiquitous Computing Society
TEPS2011 Dec 2010 Barrier-free 2.0
TEPS2011 Summer1 Jul 2011 Thinking about Reverse of Barrier-free after 3.11
TEPS2011 Summer2 Jul 2011 Thinking about Technology Support for Dementia
TEPS2012 Dec 2011 Universal Design for Emergency Communication
TEPS2013 Dec 2012 The Latest Digital Technology to Support Physically-challenged and Aged People